7 thoughts on “Benefits blunders forcing thousands to use food banks says TORY think tank

  1. Hans Fried

    Tory policy and especially Ian Duncan Smith have created anti welfare state where people are starving and suffering.

    1. joanna

      Have they ever thought of how someone will actually be able to cook the food without electricity?

      1. Mike Sivier

        People who run food banks have thought about this, yes. They have come up with their own individual solutions. Some might cook on-site; others offer food that can be eaten cold to those unable to cook; and so on.

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  3. William

    So think tanks are needed to instruct MPs what is going on in society. It is about time Labour stood to the plate and threatened to resign, leave parliament, unless the interests of the people of this country were put first, put right. But Marxist Labour is equally out of touch and has no back bone, money and position their first priority.

    1. Mike Sivier

      Marxist Labour?
      I suppose it makes a change from everyone calling them Red Tories – but if you’re saying money and position are their first priorities, then by rights you should also be calling them Red Tories.
      You are picking on the wrong people, though: If Labour threatened to resign and leave Parliament, there would be nothing stopping the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats from causing even more ruination to the country.
      You want the Liberal Democrats to walk out; that’s the only way to get the interests of the people into the spotlight.

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