7 thoughts on “Multiple Bedroom Tax Court Case Victories Could Mean Hundreds Of Thousands Exempted

  1. Teresa Smith

    I have been told that this government has changed the law so the loophole doesn’t count, is this true

    1. Mike Sivier

      The article states that the cases were all being won for different reasons, so I don’t think your concern is relevant.
      The government did intend to close the loophole by which people who had been social housing tenants continuously since before 1996 were exempt from the Bedroom Tax.

      1. ispy


        (By the way, the word “putative” is a very useful word when applied to the thorny subject of the bedroom tax and the controversial “spare” room).

        Yes, the “loophole” (some loophole!) surrounding the 1996 issue has been closed on 3rd March.

        But there are now many other reasons why bedroom tax victims can appeal – if only they actually get round to APPEALING. It is not enough to merely ask the local authority for a review, because that’s as far as that procedure will go. Many people have made that mistake already. It is vitally important to ask for the case to be sent to an appeal tribunal.

        For the bedroom tax to be successfully imposed, a so-called spare room must contain a bed and also be used for sleeping in. If someone’s spare room is used for any other purpose, such as an office, storeroom or utility room, you have grounds for appeal.

  2. Wheeple Timmynoggy Witzelsucht

    Is it possible, under right to buy, for a housing association to grant 25% ownership, without assigning any value to it…Possible loop-hole

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