10 thoughts on “Penning Axes the Disability Living Fund

  1. Joanna May

    I don’t get it Mike why do disabled people have to suffer more? They suffer enough with minds and bodies failing them, if the tories get in, in 2015, I ain’t sticking around, I unlike a lot of people don’t anything to lose apart from my dignity. I have been through every type of abuse going and I have had enough, I have already waited for 4 years for any kind of psychological help and I can’t see anything coming soon. I have been chasing it up for 4 years talk about flogging a dead horse! I am sorry about the negativity, I think I will go listen to some Chopin nocturnes, that will chill me a little.
    Keep up the great work, you are famous now, a lot of people in Hull have heard of you and your website!

    1. Mike Sivier

      Look, I live with a disabled person who often feels the same way you do. Why give any of these Tories the satisfaction of doing what they want you to do (not “sticking around”, as you call it)? You have to see this through, out of sheer bloody-mindedness if nothing else!
      You may be right when you say you have nothing to lose; in that case, you have nothing to fear. So why not go and stick it to THEM for a while, see how they like it?
      Just a thought.
      As for being famous now, I think you flatter me! If it’s true, it would be nice to achieve something worthwhile with it. Trouble is, there’s always someone around the corner trying to discredit people like me. All I can do is hope that people are getting the message and following the example.
      Take care.

      1. Joanna

        I take your point mike I am really down about the sitch, I think people have so much more to worry about than to discredit you, and any way you do so much good fighting for everyone I can’t see you being too worried about small minded people. Ever since you started with this website I kept talking about it, no-one believed me until I directed them to your website, My MP who is labour has said to me that it is websites like yours that keeps hope alive, so I wasn’t meaning to do anything wrong in flattering and I am sorry if it was wrong

      2. Mike Sivier

        No, you didn’t do anything wrong! It’s nice to read some kind words every once in a while.
        I was merely saying that it’s in my own best interest not to let such comments inflate my own estimation of myself.
        I am grateful for the compliment.

  2. MrChekaMan

    As I’ve said before, this government really hates disabled people. I haven’t (so far) been bothered directly by it but only because it doesn’t yet have the time to bother me. That’s why I really, really want it thrown out in 2015 along with it’s Liberal Democrat lapdogs.

  3. daggersborn007

    Are you referring to the Independent Living Fund? Because that is closing at the end of June 2015, It was being closed at the end of March 2014 until an appeal court ruling stopped it. However, this wonderful government took notice of the appeal court, reconsidered the original decision and then decided to close it, anyway. I hope they rot in hell, and suffer on earth before that. Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2014 20:38:32 +0000 To: [email protected]

  4. Hazel

    I have relieved the support from the ILF for 25 years. This has helped me to lead an independent life. Like many of my able bodied peers. I work and enjoy my job. In my opion the Rt. Honourable Mike Penning has made the wrong decision. The social care system is struggling to cope with the minimal support it gives to individual’s. I am gravely worried for my future as I fear I will loose the flexibility and additional support I currently recieve at home and at work!

  5. ykate

    its all going over to la social services dept its up to them wether u qualify for funding and you put towards or continuing care all payable by direc pay so you can employ your own carers still but its tough to get esp the continuing care

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