The Liberal Democrat view of the budget


Is there any need to say more?

(All right, this does seem to be a rather-well-Photoshopped comment on LD involvement in the Con government. It makes a good point though – that the Tories would not have been able to do any of the harm they have achieved without Liberal – sorry, Tory Democrat help.)

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10 thoughts on “The Liberal Democrat view of the budget

    1. Mike Sivier

      That would not, then, be the Liberal Democrat view of the budget; it would be a rather strong opinion of the Conservative Party instead.
      It would probably be a more popular message, though!

  1. rvraiment

    So the Liberal Democrats tried to make the best of a very bad job, going into an alliance with the Conservatives to try to mitigate their repellent beliefs not least because Labour wouldn’t have anything to do with an alliance. And then whilst the supporters of the two main parties sat back Labour and the Conservatives made sure that the first-past-the-post election system would continue, rather than allow anything like real democracy to happen. So WE’ve got the government YOU deserve.

    1. Mike Sivier

      No, Labour were interested in an alliance. The Tory Democrats had been in talks with the Tories for two months before the election happened, though, so that deal was pretty much done already. So we got the government THEY wanted.

    2. Sean

      Try to mitigate? And when did these attempts to mitigate the most far right wing government this country has had (including Thatcher) occur?

      The Liberal Democrats have done nothing but enable the vicious and repellent fascist agenda of the Conservatives from day one. If this is them mitigating, I’d hate to see what helping would have been like, Clegg gunning down the poor in the street perhaps?

  2. jaypot2012

    Actually, we got the government NO-ONE wanted! This coalition wasn’t voted in, and now it’s the end of the Lib/Dems as a party for the next few decades anyway!
    The real reason that this coalition got in was due to the amount of people who stayed at home and didn’t vote! I honestly think things would have been different if people would have gotten off their erses and voted. Let’s hope that they don’t make that mistake again. It’s them that I blame more than anything, they ought to be ashamed of themselves!
    I also believe that it should be one man one vote, that is the democratic way to do so.

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