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The Labour Party’s poll lead over the Conservatives has evaporated, according to two opinion polls published this weekend.

It is to be hoped that these results will jolt Ed Miliband and his circle of close advisors out of the complacency they have been enjoying for the past months and years – and into a realisation that supporters of Labour ideals want the party to reflect those ideals.

It seems clear that announcements from Labour, that it will continue to follow Conservative-dictated spending plans (no matter how Labour chooses to spend the money), that it will continue with austerity policies that have utterly failed the British people, that it will not reverse Michael Gove’s harmful education ‘reforms’ and that it will only do its best (whatever that is) to reverse the privatisation of the National Health Service in England, are all falling on deaf ears.

The British people do not want watered-down Conservatism from the Labour Party. A continuation of neoliberal ideas from the 1970s – which is what we’ve had from Blair, Brown and Cameron – will only drive the country further into financial ruin. It’ll be great for the extremely rich – but that could be said of the Third World dictatorships in Africa, Asia and South America, against which the United Kingdom should most correctly (now) be compared.

It’s past time for Labour to throw off these failed policies, stand up and fight. If Ed Miliband and his shadow cabinet don’t have it in them, they’d better make way for socialists who can.

For the good of the nation.

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