6 thoughts on “Are Cameron and Osborne Communists?

  1. Kevin barry

    I think we need sumeone like the English democrats in Westminster. to make all this go away. that’s
    Where my vote is going

  2. Nick

    Cameron and co have always had a Chinese way with life the British have always had a love of slavery hence those countries they enslaved kicked them out after many years

  3. Joseph Smith

    In addition to being liars, cheats, and frauds, Cameron lied and cheated his way in to power and has renaged on every single mandate promise. Additionally, he’s tried to get us involved in military action ( war) at least twice for no other reason than self promotion and self agrandisement. We need rid of this pompous liar

    1. Nick

      Cameron done the same as the Egypt’s deposed leader Mohamed Morsi in which he lied and got into power thank god they are never going to put up with that nonsense ever again having just got rid of Hosni Mubarak

      yes it is a police military state but it’s preferable to a liar whose only ambition is to feather his own nest and those like himself and to hell with everyone else

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