Benefit Caps- Clarification

Important clarification on the difference between the new limit on the overall amount of government benefit spending (the benefit cap) and the limit on the amount of benefits the government is willing to pay to each household (the benefit cap).
It’s almost as if the government tries to confuse people on purpose, isn’t it?
The part at the end about £26K not being the average family income is also worth repeating – as has happened repeatedly here on Vox Political: Average household income is between £31,000-32,000.

6 thoughts on “Benefit Caps- Clarification

  1. argotina1

    They don’t have the same name

    The BenefitS (plural) cap is the total cap on benefit spending across the whole country, per year.

    The Benefit (singular) cap is the capon individual households per month.

    There, that clears up any possible chance of confusion, doesn’t it – NOT.

  2. Colin M. Taylor

    I suspect the reason that Labour have gone along with it is so they avoid the obvious Trap the Osbourne left to catch them – Gideon’s traps are about as subtle as those of Wile E.Coyote -they just lack the Acme branding

  3. Tim

    But what happens if the benefit cap is reached and a vote to increase spending on social security is defeated in the House of Commons, which could well happen if the Conservatives had a majority? Has anybody said? What would happen? Cuts? Freezes? Below inflation increases? And to whom, how, and when? Does anybody know? If nothing happened under these circumstance what good would there be in having a cap? Any ideas?

  4. bob

    miliband, there are more working class people than middle class, and with yesterdays vote on the benefit cap you have alienated them. why dont you cross the floor and show your true colours, or are you as gutless and as two-faced as blair. in total, you have just lost 37 votes in this constituency. may your balls rot and your children vote tory, you chicken.

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