Tony Benn’s funeral on social media; ignored by BBC

The above is how you can watch Tony Benn’s funeral today.

Here’s why:


You won’t see the funeral on the BBC’s Facebook page; a small piece has just gone up on the BBC News website (possibly in response to repeated recriminations from Licence Fee-payers); and the word is that there has been no coverage on TV news (although this may also change after this article is published).

It’s not good enough.

I am not one of those who wants the BBC buried because of its current Tory bias. We all know the reason – it was published here yesterday:


Get rid of these stooges and replace them with people who do their job without political bias, and the BBC can get back on track.

It’s another reason to deny the Conservatives your vote in 2015.

I’m not saying “give it to Labour” because I know many of you are as angry at Labour as you are at the Tories.

Considering the lack of respect he’s getting today, though, it would be a fitting tribute to Tony Benn.

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27 thoughts on “Tony Benn’s funeral on social media; ignored by BBC

  1. Tony

    Tony Benn opposed the Poll Tax, politically and in marches and protests, Chris Patten, the BBC Trust Chairman, brought the Poll Tax in, it may seem petty to suggest that a bit of payback was meted out today, but, Patten is a very petty man.

      1. Mike Sivier

        And what a crime that is! Thatcher got all the pomp and ceremony her enormous ego could have desired, and here you appear to be saying that people should have been denied the chance to celebrate Tony Benn.

      2. Lilian Chapman

        How? How did I say that?? I says clearly that it was a PRIVATE funeral….he would NOT want all the pomp! Using/wasting taxpayers money for it…! His own son helped carry the coffin! You don’t know what his last wishes were! So calm down. And let the great man rest in peace!

      3. Mike Sivier

        You don’t know what his last wishes were either, and this is not about that in any case. People wanted to celebrate Tony Benn’s life and their wishes were sidelined.

      4. Lilian Chapman

        It makes me laugh the uproar on here ! Did ANY of you get off your behinds and GO to the funeral!? If your so up in arms over it all instead of ranting on here may be you should have organised a bus and got everyone there! It’s all very well having a rant, but if you admired the man so much YOU SHOULD HAVE GONE !

      5. Mike Sivier

        How does that have any bearing on a person’s admiration for another person they consider to be great?
        I think your comments are starting to cross the line from being merely expressions of a contrary opinion into trolling.
        Be careful. If I decide you are just coming here to antagonise, then you’ll be gone too.

      6. Mike Sivier

        Strange lady.

        Isn’t it bizarre how some people turn up, rant the keys off their typewriters, accuse other people of stamping on their freedoms and then flounce off?

  2. henworld1h

    It’s been covered on News 24 and has a piece on the website. Do any of you ever watch this channel?
    Also, yesterday, you made out that the BBC ‘avoided reporting any suggestion that this could be a major coup for the Labour Party’. Maybe this was written before the interview with Alistair Phillips-Davies in which the interviewer asked him repeatedly if this freeze was a result of Labour’s influence. However, he replied that in fact it was being done in agreement with the government, or words to that effect.

    In this article:
    “The BBC’s industry correspondent, John Moylan, says the freeze has echoes of Labour’s flagship energy policy, which promises to keep prices at the same level for 20 months after the next election if Labour are elected.”

  3. Mrs Grimble

    Funny how the BBC is always being accused of political bias one way or another – this lot for example think the place is packed with loony lefties:
    There can be only two explanations for this. Either the Beeb is cunningly biased left/right on alternate days – or, just maybe, people are using the term “bias” when they actually mean “They’re not reporting the news the way *I* want it reported!”

    1. Alex

      The entire narrative of mainstream media is right wing, because the entire narrative of politics has shifted to the right. Anyone who thinks otherwise can probably count to potato.

      The BBC is just another wing of Tory ideology. Their coverage of Israel, of Russia, of the economy, etc. Right wing politics for a, depressingly, increasingly right wing public. Turkeys voting for Christmas. Turkeys too ignorant to even realise they’re a Turkey.


    Thank you for saying it as it is. I cant believe the scandal of this Tory run Media and its total disrespect of a Man loved by working people

  5. argotina1

    I doubt that Tony would have been concerned. Whenever there is a major death I generally end up switching off TV and radio for a week and then a few weeks later, if I respected the deceased enough, I get hold of the autobiography. I think Tony would have liked the idea of footage of his funeral being passed from person to person through social media, he was always one to believe in people power, and to despise fuss.

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