The above is how you can watch Tony Benn’s funeral today.

Here’s why:


You won’t see the funeral on the BBC’s Facebook page; a small piece has just gone up on the BBC News website (possibly in response to repeated recriminations from Licence Fee-payers); and the word is that there has been no coverage on TV news (although this may also change after this article is published).

It’s not good enough.

I am not one of those who wants the BBC buried because of its current Tory bias. We all know the reason – it was published here yesterday:


Get rid of these stooges and replace them with people who do their job without political bias, and the BBC can get back on track.

It’s another reason to deny the Conservatives your vote in 2015.

I’m not saying “give it to Labour” because I know many of you are as angry at Labour as you are at the Tories.

Considering the lack of respect he’s getting today, though, it would be a fitting tribute to Tony Benn.

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