Yashika, UKIP and us….

I was one of those who took part in the Guardian/ICM survey immediately after the debate, and said that Farage won it. However, I went on to say that it did not change my opinion; I will not be voting for UKIP in any elections and I find many of Farage’s policies nauseating. He won the debate because Clegg was appallingly bad – unconvincing and patronising.
Meanwhile, cases like Yashika’s are happening right now, because people are buying into a concocted lie that immigration is causing our problems. People need to wake up, take a look around and realise that attention is being diverted away from the people who really caused our problems.
Is that really so hard to do?

7 thoughts on “Yashika, UKIP and us….

  1. Barry Davies

    I see you didn’t post my reply then Paul, perhaps that is because I debunked your claims, by pointing out that Farage had no part in the deportation, and that your claims of UKIP being xenophobic are untrue. In reality UKIP policy on immigration would not have lead to her deportation at all, because unlike the claims of the mass media UKIP do not have a complete ban on immigration it is far more liberal than the conlablibdum parties policy in fact. All genuine asylum seekers and anyone who has a job and will add to the national benefits more than welcome, but a free for all policy where we get benefit and healthcare tourists is something that needs close monitoring, somewhat different to your racist claims.

  2. Meanfluff

    I’m not quite sure if you can class it as xenophobia but “The UKIP leader also claimed EU immigration had hit the “white working class” the hardest” seems pretty clearly wrong to me. I’m a born and bred non-white BRITISH worker and with that one statement Farage managed to make me feel like I was now classed as a whole new sub-section of the population. Something I haven’t felt since my childhood in the 70’s when kids would shout racist abuse at me just because I’m not white.
    I can’t believe he got away with that.
    Thanks UKIP….

  3. Meanfluff

    Apparently not sadly.
    I posted Farage’s comment on Twitter and am currently being “corrected” by UKIP supporters that this is NOT racist because he highlighted unemployment amongst black youths in London as well!!
    Seems their world really is simply black and white……

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