3 thoughts on “Number of women in cabinet now lowest since … the last time Tories were in power

  1. alan

    Do not understand the comment. What has sex to do with anything?

    Should I employ totally unprofessional individuals so as to balance the workforce up, emply an unqualified man, instread of a qualified woman, because I needed to show a political spirit of balance between the sexes? I would soon go out of business.

    Tell me one professional within parliament. Is, say, Gove, an experienced teacher, has the feeling of that profession? No! All come at things academically, not academically and practically. Politics is living in a hairy fairy world

    1. Mike Sivier

      Gove is in fact a journalist, so there’s one professional for you. From his experience in the workplace, though, he should be the new Culture Secretary.
      The point about ‘balancing’ the Cabinet is that people from different backgrounds bring more experience to the table and the government can – in theory – do more for more people. The example I heard yesterday was that there are now no mothers in the Cabinet, and motherhood changes a woman’s perspective on life in a huge way – especially in the way they consider money. Without that perspective, Cabinet is less able to cater for the needs of this section of society.

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