Austerity, socio-economic entropy and being conservative with the truth

Here’s an article that is doubly worthwhile – firstly because of the trashing of Tory ideology at the beginning, then because of the list of Tory lies at the end.

4 thoughts on “Austerity, socio-economic entropy and being conservative with the truth

  1. nigel simmons

    ‘Deceit’ as Cameron ditches pledge to give voters power to sack MPs
    The coalition agreement of 2010 included a promise of early legislation to introduce a “power of recall” allowing voters to force their MP to face a by-election by raising a petition of 10% of constituents, if the MP had been sentenced to prison or judged guilty of “serious wrongdoing” by the Commons Standards and Privileges Committee .

  2. HomerJS

    Mike, I was thinking that it would be a good idea if some ‘high quality’ blogger, such as yourself, developed an online ‘bank’ of a lot of the key data that gets quoted again and again. I would see it as a resource that people could access when they wanted information to support a point they were trying to make.

    I’m sure you could get several of the key bloggers to send some of the stuff they use.

    1. Mike Sivier

      I had a similar thought myself, a few months ago. The sad fact is that daily life has prevented me from getting down to it.
      Perhaps after next week’s tribunal.

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