5 thoughts on “Thatcher, Mussolini and Manipulation of the Economy to Destroy Working Class Opposition

  1. Hayfords

    It was a good thing that Margaret Thatcher crushed the power of the unions as they had been abusing that power. It is instructive to note that the Labour government did not repeal a single law that the previous government passed. They were all laws that Labour would like to pass, but were afraid of their paymasters.

    1. Mike Sivier

      You proceed from a false premise. Thatcher wanted to undermine the self-confidence felt by British working-class people in the 1970s, as it had humiliated previous Tory leader Edward Heath when he tried to force neoliberalism on the UK. She correctly inferred that this confidence, embodied in their representatives, the unions, stood in the way of her plans to give all the power and money back to a small group of chinless, spineless weasel-descended misanthropes whose sense of entitlement was entirely derived from their shares of Mummy and Daddy’s wealth.
      It was all about unions standing in the way of rich people’s greed; the abuse of power stunt was just a media invention – in the same way Rupert Murdoch dreamed up the ‘Iron Lady’ nickname for Thatcher.
      As for Labour’s intentions, do not try to tell us that you know anything about the inner workings of the Labour Party or that you would ever be able to understand them if you did.

  2. jeffrey davies

    in all honesty I think you talk cr*p auther scar was shown to have told the truth in whot Maggie did its because they sold you down the river infact they robbed you blind but then telling it how it is isn’t your way perhaps like the Nazi brigade who are in power youl clap them when we walk towards that shower room nay open your eyes cant you smell the sh**e it isn’t right tories only want to screw you and believing otherwise then you are that clown jeff3 Maggie stood for greed

    1. jeffrey davies

      labour didn’t appeal the laws has they been taking overby maggies child tony blair who is just another tory who left his mark of greed by leaving blairites in the labour party

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