16 thoughts on “Oops! Mail on Sunday hack f*cks up his story attacking food banks

  1. concern members of society

    [To the Mail on Sunday:] How do you consider this to be news??!! Your reporter has lied, cheated and schemed to get a story that yet again puts down the poor, needy and desperate in our society. He has falsified information to obtain a hand-out, and has contradicted his story, but you still consider this drivel news-worthy??!! There are genuine people out there are really suffering. Why don’t you report stories like that, and highlight the suffering they are going through, instead of making stuff up???

  2. Big Bill

    I think that’s down to a sub-ed, not the reporter. The article is damaging to supporters of food banks though nonetheless. They really shouldn’t be giving out food on the basis of unsubstantiated sob stories. Now the DWP have the ammunition they need to claim that the majority of requests are similar to this one. That’s bad 🙁

    1. Mike Sivier

      As I stated in my own article, food banks need leeway to deal with people who walk in from the street with nothing. They take details and ask why the food is needed, and this information is passed back up the line, for verification. Anyone trying to cheat the system should therefore be caught. Also, people in desperate need, who continue to be in desperate need (for any of a variety of reasons) may need more help than most, and food banks need to be able to rely on their judgement in that respect.

      1. Big Bill

        Yup, I know, but I hadn’t read your article and neither will have umpteen million Mail readers.

      2. Big Bill

        They aren’t though and they won’t be. The article’s a clever piece of writing, and it will have done its job. This kind of poison piece is the sort of thing Lynda-Lee Potter used to excel at. I bet the Mail misses her still at times like this.

  3. Andy Maxwell

    He has no intention of using this food himself—–would be interested to see exactly what he does with it now he has STOLEN it from a needy person——bet the bugger bins it! beneath contempt

  4. jaypot2012

    The reporter is despicable for doing such a thing – now the poor and needy get the backlash again, because a liar of a reporter committed fraud. I don’t care that he took the goods back, he lied to get them and then he lied again in the report.
    I support the foodbanks and will continue to do so but I have also signed the petition to have him sacked. I would like the editor sacked as well as he let this happen!
    How this rag still runs I do not know – it prints nothing but lies, and is run mainly by the government.
    I wouldn’t use this paper to line my cat’s litter tray – I’d be ashamed to have such filth in my house.

  5. kari

    At least they were giving out food vouchers, so many needy people go without these. Yes perhaps they could have done more checks in an ideal world but also how many people would actually try and get these if they didn’t need them? Most people probably don’t even know what a foodbank is.

  6. derek

    i dont know why anyone buys this drivel time to get a campaign going to stop people buying this nonsense hit them in the pocket theyll soon get the message same goes for murdoch hes the absolute crook

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