11 thoughts on “Cameron’s office calls police on Bishop trying to deliver letter on poverty (not satire!)

  1. david

    he’s not a naughty boy he’s the messiah (to paraphrase Monty Python) aren’t we all aware of that yet. You wait wont be long till he’s marching into the churches and overturning the tables covered in food parcels. He’s already decreed the 1000’s can be fed with 3 loaves and 3 fishes no magic at all just a tiny scrap each. Water into wine well they drink alcohol like its water in westminster

    1. alan

      So true, and what is more he thinks he is Churchill, with his Churchillian speeches. Next it will be 25th December speech, with hallow and dove above him. He is the devil incarnate

  2. Jean Casale

    Quite frankly, having an uninformed populace works extremely well, particularly when you have a media that doesn’t understand its responsibility and feels more like it’s an arm of a political party. They can really take advantage of an uninformed populace. Benjamin Carson

  3. alan

    Just like Judas and Sanballat Cameron declares, he being an habitual deceiver, one thing whilst being another. Now his office may call the police but the staff, and he himself, will not be able to call the police for protection in the day of judgment.

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