Revealed: How Francis Maude and Chris Grayling are actively working to remove jobs from Britain to terrorist destinations

At first this seems shocking but, if you think about it for just a little while, it also seems obvious. It’s also a betrayal. Read, share, discuss, let them know we know – and we’re not happy about it.

5 thoughts on “Revealed: How Francis Maude and Chris Grayling are actively working to remove jobs from Britain to terrorist destinations

  1. beastrabban

    Simon Davies, the founder of Privacy International, warned about this back in 19i96 in his book, ‘Big Brother: Britain’s Web of Surveillance and the New Technological Order (Pan 1996).. There he notes that American medical records have been processed in Subic Bay in the Philippines, The Caribbean earned £70 million a year through such jobs, and China, India and the South Pacific were not far behind. Jamaica Promotions, the industrial development agency for that island nation, has the slogan ‘if you can’t move it from the ground floor to the fifth, move it to Jamaica.’He notes that data in these countries can be configured in ways that are illegal in the UK.

    In 1996 the European parliament passed a directive effective throughout the Community giving member states that right to block the transmission of personal data to countries that do not have adequate protection. The Data Registrar in Britain already had such powers, but used it only once in a decade. After being heavily lobbied by the British corporate sector, Michael Howard attempted to derail the laws during 1994, and obtained a wide range of exceptions. He notes that International Management called the UK ‘Europe’s data haven’, as this country held 70 per cent of Western Europe’s data sets. The American company EDS earned £500 million from processing British tax information, and in 1995, in the space of a single year, the American Computer Sciences Corporation quadrupled its revenue to £160 million.

    Maude and Grayliing aren’t the first. They’re just continuing what Michael Howard was already doing under Major. And the time they stopped is long overdue.

  2. bookmanwales

    I am not sure why we are expected to be surprised at this revelation ?
    Since the 80’s the emphasis has been on shipping jobs abroad.
    Foreign aid has been used to actively promote investment in developing countries to the detriment of British workers from aid to Bangladeshi garment workers to contracts given to foreign companies it has been 30 years of erosion.
    The few token jobs created by “Enterprise zones” given much publicity have been used to hide the truth.
    The fact that unions allowed this to happen unhindered, especially public service unions, and it is now going to affect them leaves little room for sympathy or concern.

    Given the laziness of union members and the general public along with the lack of media scrutiny it is only when millions are once again plunged into poverty that any action may be forthcoming.

    1. Mike Sivier

      I agree with you about the element of surprise – that’s why I said it seems obvious, the more you think about it.
      I might write an article about the historical aspects of this situation – how we got to this point – in the future. Your foreign aid observation seems right on the button to me, to cut a long story short.
      As for the unions, I don’t know… It seems possible they took their eyes off the ball, although this seems hard to justify. Are there any union officers reading who could provide illumination?

  3. alan

    Both UK and America signed up to shipping jobs to China, some years ago. Cannot remember the name of the document that both governments signed to increase China’s manufacturing base, and this included shipping machinery to China.

    This probably was done to curry favour with China, as foreign aid is supposed to do, but never does.

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