4 thoughts on “Coroner blames man’s death on government cuts to ambulance service

  1. Andrew Peacock

    this un-elected tory shower of s**t are causing lots of deaths through ATOS and DWP but are getting away with it as everything is being covered up total media blackout especially with the bedroom tax

    1. hayfords

      You may complain about ATOS, but don’t forget that the contract was awarded to them by Labour in 2005 and it had been running for 5 years when the present government was elected. Where was the monitoring that should have been done by Labour?

      1. Mike Sivier

        Where is the research that should have been done by you?

        I’ve answered an identical comment elsewhere today but for the hard of thinking: Atos did exactly what their employers told them to do. The reason they were little-known during the Labour years and infamous during the Conservative-led Coalition years should therefore be clear – they were told to do different and more unpleasant things by the Tories.
        In addition, Labour did monitor the benefit system and it seems that, at the time of the 2010 election, it was at the point of withdrawing (or at least imposing wide-ranging changes on) ESA after seeing the detrimental effect it the assessment system was having on claimants. Unfortunately, the Coalition then came into office and, enthused by the havoc being wreaked upon the defenceless, gave orders to worsen the damage.
        As I said after putting straight the last commenter who thought as you do, I’m glad to clear up your confusion.

  2. hayfords

    I read the whole story and at no stage did the coroner blame the death on government cuts. He did blame the local ambulance service. The script the 999 ambulance service was also to blame as well as a backlog of ambulances that were somewhere else. In fact the only thing not blamed was the government.

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