6 thoughts on “Supposedly unemployed British builder used in UKIP poster is an Irish actor

  1. david

    see UKIP are right that’s another UK workers job gone to johnny foreigner. What next UK MEPs employing german nationals as their PA’s?

  2. Barry Davies

    As UKIP is not and never has been a racist party, wanting control of the border to decide who comes here isn’t anti immigration, and it isn’t as if this man was drafted in from a foreign country either, the Irish have been able to come here freely even before we got dumped into what we were lied to as being a common market. Hardly a shock that an actor is used in an advert, or do you think all those smiling mothers etc in adverts actually buy the junk they are advertising?

    1. Mike Sivier

      It’s having people in these adverts who are pretending to be something they’re not – that’s the problem. Did you see the one featuring a woman who was supposed to be an ordinary member of the public who was going to vote UKIP? It turns out she’s employed by the party, in public relations!

    2. Boldeefett Loxx

      I think you better ask the Irish if they think Ireland is part of the UK, you might have a slight difference of opinion.

      Your response is typical of a UKIP supporter (And I’m not saying you are one as you may well be just making an observation) its ok when UKIP do it but not when anyone else does it. Now I appreciate that all the political parties are like that but right now UKIP are trying to make out that they are different, even though they have been caught out time and time again as being just as bad as the rest.

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