5 thoughts on “The Coalitions’ Abolition of Legal Aid and Legal Restrictions against Workers Suing Management in Pre-Revolutionary Russia

  1. philipburdekin

    These b*****ds deserve everything they get and I seriously hope they never again get into office, evil dirty lying tory libdem party nasties. This is evil beyond words.

  2. hayfords

    The government has not stopped legal aid? They have removed it from some areas of civil law. These areas are still funded for legal aid

    Family law cases involving domestic violence, forced marriage or child abduction
    Mental health cases
    All asylum cases
    Debt and housing matters where someone’s home is at immediate risk

    We have one of the biggest legal aid bills in the world and it needs to be cut. Hopefully there will be furthers cuts in the future.

    1. Mike Sivier

      The point of Legal Aid is to make legal representation available to the poor, yet this government is cutting that access. You would have to be truly stupid to welcome this – or the kind of person who has a vested interest in denying justice to all.
      For more information on why this will harm the justice system, see the comments from broadcaster John Finnemore in this previous Vox Political article:

  3. Joanna

    The government has broken Magna Carta!!
    There is an alternative though, universities who teach law are taking cases. The students are in their final year and they are fully supervised by barristers.
    I hope this helps!

  4. Thomas M

    It is possible to go to court by oneself, but most people can hardly get far with their cases against trained lawyers.

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