The Unemployment Timebomb At The Heart Of Universal Credit

Johnny’s article builds on the ‘nouveau pauvre’ piece I’ve already reblogged, pointing out the gaping holes in Iain Duncan Smith’s logic. I think we’ve all come to the same consensus about self-employment under the Tories (and Tory Democrats) – and it isn’t what the DWP is peddling.

7 thoughts on “The Unemployment Timebomb At The Heart Of Universal Credit

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  2. Andrew Peacock

    self employment has jumped up because of workplace pensions, because bosses can’t afford to pay into staff pensions so they ask employees to become self employed but still work for the same boss. IT’S AS SIMPLE AS THAT ONLY THIS UN-ELECTED TORY SHOWER OF S*** AND ALLEGEDLY WELL EDUCATED JUST DONT GET IT COS IN THEIR MICKEY MOUSE WORLD EVERYTHING THEY DO IS WORKING GREAT!!! EXCEPT IT ISN’T IN THE REAL WORLD

  3. hayfords

    If you have fast expanding numbers of self employed it is bound to lower the average earning from it. The reason is that when you become self employed and start a business your earnings will be relatively low. As your business matures, your earnings normally grow. When the numbers are growing fast, the percentage of people earning low amounts is greater which reduces the average. If the numbers were pretty constant then you would expect the earnings to have a higher average.

    1. Mike Sivier

      In a normal system that might seem reasonable, but the data suggests otherwise in Britain today. In fact, I’d say it’s conclusively proving what I and the others I’ve reblogged have been saying.

  4. Thomas M

    A lot of poor will now get in trouble with the taxman and end up with criminal records, making them unemployable. I’d like to be self employed selling books, but it would cost too much to get started.

  5. jray

    The WP is pushing self employment as it results in an Outcome payment. HMRC are already chasing people for this…..Wake Up FFS!

    1. AM-FM

      The WP even have touting accountants that come in to tell the hopefuls that they won’t be paying any tax but they will be claiming tax credits!

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