5 thoughts on “The Labour Party commissioned Poverty & Disability Taskforce Report in a nutshell

  1. vicmart009

    Having read the opening address of ” Sir Bernard Massie” it’s chair to the Labour Party. I am proud to say I am in no way connected to or subscribe to his comments or findings. I regard him to be a marionette puppet seeking a permanent seat in the House of Lords. ALL disabled people deserve & require greater respect , consideration & dignity.
    “I call upon the Welsh TUC in May to reject this report as inconclusive & a caricature on the reality of the Disabled people & their movements in the UK & Wales, I request that they reject it’s findings & conclusions. It designs & suggests nothing to improve the existence & dignity of “The Poor” in this century of which most disabled people exist.
    Cheap words, breed cheap leaders & feed only those who beg & pay for left overs in their basket ! The RSPCA provides better care!

    I need a seconder for the motion ?
    I would feel privileged to have you by my side Mike.

  2. Big Bill

    Putting money in the Work Programme etc means the public think it’s money well spent so it scores well politically and of course too there’ll be directorships available for the Ministers involved from the companies involved (witness John Reid). So then, this is money being spent to benefit the politicians doing the spending and the companies they’re spending it with rather than disabled people, who I would say are incidental to the process. I rather doubt we’re ever going to change this simply by substituting any one group of politicians with any other. When government itself seems to be the problem, more government doesn’t seem to be the answer. I believe we need a fundamental change to society, not simply more of the same.

  3. david

    argh I’m already resilient to poverty aint got no choice. Got put on partners IB when my contributions ESA ran out. Question – Labour want to ‘help’ those able to work to work (IDS said the same), who decides on this ability? For the past 6 years I have been deemed possibly fit (in the next 18 months 3 times waiting on 4th) for work hence in WRAG. This means work related activity and soon indefinite work program. I’m sorry but reading between the lines I see just a rebranding of the same system. Of course it will provide work for some due to having to reprint all DWP stationary. I wont believe in any change until I see it

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