6 thoughts on “Full List of Touts Running ‘Community Work Programme’.

  1. david

    As Drescher (2009),in relation to slavery argues, “The most crucial and frequently utilized aspect of the condition is a communally recognized right by some individuals to possess, buy, sell, discipline, transport, liberate, or otherwise dispose of the bodies and behavior of other individuals.’ Obviously not pointing any fingers, and not comparing help to work/workfare to slavery or anything

    1. Jonathan Wilson

      Wow way to not understand the original posting. They are all council areas, left, right, upside down and what not… The issue is that serial liars and cheats of the corporate welfair system, g4$, a4$, seathingtech, crapiter, et. al. have all been given large sums of money to run the schemes even though all of them have failed spectacularly in just about every endeavor they have ever been given by gov paid for by “hardworking taxpayers.” They dear Sir (and I mean that will all of its intended sarcasm) are the real benefit scroungers… millions each (and thats just the execs/shareholders renumeration) for doing very little, very badly, and often quite fraudulently.

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