Let’s Talk – Challenging Oppression through Law

I was going to put a long comment here but in the end I couldn’t do justice to the subject matter. Serious issues are here, worthy of your consideration. Please do so.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk – Challenging Oppression through Law

  1. vicmart009

    I luv you Sunshine ! I enjoy sharing your triumphs & your agonies Mike. You are a real precious rare pearl . Would I want to be you & stand in your place No I cannot! .Carry or bear your flagellations & torments. NO bloody way ! Not again . You have a unique talent of observation , a knowledge & creative understanding of the modern media . More importantly you haven’t acknowledge to yourself that YOU want to change this world with your words & scriptures. Go get em cowboy! Change this world with your words!

      1. vicmart009

        Pleased & glad to understand that you are not an unworthy warrior desiring flagellation ! Delighted to receive your response & hope that you continue to enjoy your chosen path ! Now get some sleep!

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