2 thoughts on “Owen Jones on the Middle Class Domination of the Houses of Parliament

  1. vicmart009

    I would like to become a Chav ! How do I apply? Is age or disability a precursor to becoming a member ?. Hearing a lot about this new Chav Owen (Gwyndor) Jones is he the leader , elder statesman or a born again Tony Blair progeny ?
    However I do detest these new thinking, new ideas,young revolutionaries etc,etc. Not for because of their charm , personality & siren words .But mainly because he has what I has not got. Youth! More so I don’t think he is really Welsh , which must be a handicap .

    1. Mike Sivier

      I think you meant to ask if age or disability precludes you from becoming a member.
      I don’t think Owen Jones is himself a chav, although I may have got the wrong end of the stick there. He’s certainly not a Blair Baby.
      And you’re right – he’s not Welsh; he’s Northern.

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