6 thoughts on “London foodbank life: Surreal at times, but dangerous too

  1. Joanna

    It currently takes three weeks from sending off the application form to getting a budgeting loan, also if you have just got a job i.e signed off then you cannot get a budgeting loan at all.

  2. Joanna

    My point is I don’t know how a budgeting loan can possibly be a solution, at least when crisis loan were available, people could bridge the gap ok, but crappy IDS has to make things impossible.

    Mike I am losing a winnable argument could you possibly help please?

    A friend reckons that the government is not being punitive towards the unemployed and that no-one is entitled to anything in life, I have tried really hard but I cannot find the words, for either the argument or the shock I am feeling that there are people who actually think the same as the government.

    I know I am asking a lot, but I am feeling like an inadequate fool.

    1. Mike Sivier

      The point is that we all pay taxes – either directly when we are in work (Income Tax) or indirectly, either in or out of work (VAT etc) – therefore we are all entitled to the benefits that are funded by those taxes.
      People who claim benefits are entitled to them because they have paid towards them. This is one of the principles on which our current system of government is based. Your friend may not agree with it but it is the way our tax and benefit system was intended to work.
      Get your friend to look up Beveridge if they don’t believe you.

      1. Joanna

        I think she is basing it on people who have never worked. I know a few people who haven’t and I can guess there are a few more. In this regard, I do kind of see her point, and I feel really guilty when she brings it up, she thinks the government was wrong to let me be on sick all this time.

        She resents having to pay taxes for people who have never worked, I did try to counter this by asking her, how does she know that she isn’t actually paying MP’s expenses, i.e IDS’s underwear and other groceries, that didn’t go down to well, maybe I should just keep my mouth shut, it’s never effective for me

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