14 thoughts on “Outrage after supermarkets admit meat on sale was alive before being killed

  1. cnhay

    Thought ALL ANIMALS were ALIVE before they are KILLED , Think your summary needs some clarification , or do we normally butcher the meat before the animal is dispatched?

    1. Mike Sivier

      … and *I* do not think *you* see how foolish you appear, taking issue with an article that was intentionally written in a way that sends up the subject matter. Maybe the humour isn’t to your taste but that’s no reason to take issue with it as though it was intended to be taken seriously, because it wasn’t.

      1. ellie guest

        well as we post a lot of your uncrappy stuff on Google + we dont think your very smart ,,, more a talking posting asshole re this,,,, doubt youll have the balls to let this comment stand , your to full of yourself

      2. Mike Sivier

        Oh, I don’t mind leaving the comment up; you see, I know my readers well enough to understand how they’ll view this little altercation.

      3. Mike Sivier

        Also: you *are* aware this is a reblog of somebody else’s work, aren’t you? Have you taken this up with him?

        Thank you for the kind (I think) comment about the articles that I actually wrote myself.

      4. ellie guest

        yes …but that’s how to get word spread ,,, how about spreading this ,,,, Wake up before its to late , the Jews refused to believe or revolt despite out numbering the guards by hundreds to 1 , we are facing a different extinction but an extinction for the majority never the less

      5. Mike Sivier

        I don’t see what this has to do with the subject matter of this particular post! Appending a serious message onto a humorous article will only confuse readers. There are many articles on Vox Political where you could post a comment like that and gain a large amount of support, but here it is a non sequitur, and off-topic.

        I would be more likely to take down a comment like that than your earlier criticism of me.

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