Explaining the Rise of UKIP

A typo at the start of this article suggests that UKIP started life as the “ANT-federalist League”. After reading this, many of you might think the party should have stuck to stopping ants from going federal (that’s federal, not feral). Still, the anti-working class message comes through loud and clear, which leaves working-class UKIP supporters facing a big question: Why are you giving your vote to these people?

3 thoughts on “Explaining the Rise of UKIP

  1. Barry Davies

    Well as the support has come from all colours of the political rainbow it isn’t a radical right wing party, certainly no more than new labour has become.

  2. david

    well tonight at our local hustings a certain UKIP member (who has been in trouble recently for certain comments in the media (sources available)), was shall we say it a bit meek. He told everyone how meek and normal he was working as a tour guide and private tutor to the children of a Russian Oligarch. He was all for stripping the vote from certain (partially unmentioned) groups in society including ex prisoners ( I assume this includes all ex MP’s who have served time), he was very vague as to who else would be excluded. Unfortunately the live web stream seemed to have stopped at 21 minutes before he got a chance to speak. Must say the smirking and rash attempts to stifle laughter from the audience and the rest of the panel each time he opened his mouth was a sight to see, although all prospective and incumbent councillors had the nous not to actually descend into PMQ style harangues with him, leaving him instead to his airy fairy land. It is a sad indictment of both UKIP that these are the people that they feel represent them, and an even sadder indictment that they will even get votes for these representatives. (It reminded me of George Galloway crawling around on all 4’s pretending to be a cat). Unfortunately the only press from the hustings so far is to decry this one part of his manifesto and the fact that no one contested it. Maybe if we hadn’t been trying not to laugh so much we might have.

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