4 thoughts on “One Rule for UKIP and Another for the Rest of Us!

  1. alan

    UKIP, and the rest of the political elite are utterly corrupt, but to get this through to people is like banging your head against a brick wall. When are people going to stop complaining, whinging, whining, because some part or other has let them down, or be shown to be deceitful. All parties are deceitful, have hidden agendas, tell lies, practise deception, and all because they are proud and arrogant and want the lime light so as to be seen of all, and to have their names go down into history. It is all about self, not about the good of the common man, though parties always frame their words to make us believe they care, whilst kicking the teeth in, and whilst putting the boot in continualy decare they do it on humanitarian grounds, as they even take their weapons of mass destruction to fire at the likes of Iraq, on humanitarian grounds, they declare.

  2. Barry Davies

    Exactly one rule for UKIP you think that a smear campaign is fine but if it was the other way round you would be throwing your dolly out of the pram and stamping your feet. This disgusting post was lies pure and simple.

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