2 thoughts on “Nigel Farage and the man who trashed the pound. Twice.

  1. beastrabban

    Sadly, it was Rogers and Hammerstein, who wrote the great musicals – The King and I and South Pacific being two of the best known. Soros and Rogers, however, brought about Black Wednesday, which as the article above says, comprehensively trashed the pound and bankrupted – or nearly bankrupted – the nation during John Major’s time at no. 10. I can remember a friend at the time telling me that thing’s weren’t going to be too bad, as we had about a fortnight’s worth of food in the shops before starvation and rioting set in.

    Their antics also had an effect on TV. After they caused a recession, the cartoon title sequence at the start of Have I Got News For You showed yuppies and bankers jumping out of windows to their deaths, and one or two may actually have done that. If you’re going to claim that Brown and Labour were responsible for pushing us into recession, due to Brown having to bail out the world financial economy after Lehman Brothers and the rest of Wall Street did their level best to destroy it, then the same accusation can made about John Major, as I believe he was placed in a similar situation, due to the actions of Soros and Rogers.

    And what does that make Farage, who’s associating with them. Hypocrisy is the least of it. Farage is a financier, from a family of financiers. And despite the fact that everyone else except the super-rich has been forced into poverty, the bankers are still paying themselves massive bonuses. No wonder Farage is laughing: he’s got his cake and eating.

    1. Mike Sivier

      Rogers and HAMMERSTEIN, was it? I knew dat. 😉

      Your comments about John Major having as much responsibility for the Soros and Rogers-instigated crash are timely, as I see Conservatives are yet again harping on about Brown causing the international financial crisis .

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