6 thoughts on “[Guest Post] National Front demonstration Newcastle 10th May 2014

  1. amnesiaclinic

    They look very sad, bitter people to me. Perhaps if we ignore them they will go away!

    The point about child molesters is a valid one – but it’s hardly all down to muslims is it? So jimmy savile was a secret muslim….

      1. amnesiaclinic

        No, sorry you misread – I am not blaming muslims – they are!! Saying grooming is halal meat is vile, they are vile but what we focus on we end up getting more of!
        And I agree with you that far too many things are laid at the foot of muslims – they are a very convenient scapegoat.

      2. amnesiaclinic

        Yes, of course. Do we stand around with placards saying that the poor people who were abused by jimmy savile are christian meat? Why bring any religion into this? There are probably just as many christian groomers of young people if you look at all the catholic priests who have abused the young and the innocent. Do muslims stand around with placards stating this or do they get on with their lives and stop blaming others?

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