7 thoughts on “The Coalition has deliberately financially trashed the NHS to justify its privatisation

  1. Bryn miller

    May be there are just too many people in our country and the nhs can’t cope.

    1. Mike Sivier

      It was coping just fine before the Tory-led coalition came along and trashed it. That’s what the article shows.
      Overpopulation is a related issue – and does not to be addressed – but it should not be used to muddy the financial issue here.

  2. GrumpyScotsman

    I have only recently subscribed to your blog and while it is extremely informative it is also extremely frustrating in that every time I read an article I get left fuming and incandescent with rage and impotence with this so-called “government”.
    I will keep reading but I’m not too sure whether my blood pressure will let me continue indefinitely!!!
    Please keep up the great work and perhaps this so-called coalition will get what it deserves next May.

    1. Mike Sivier

      I’m incandescent too – otherwise I wouldn’t be writing all this.
      Let’s hope our respective pulmonary systems can survive the battering until we are able to put these years of misery behind us.

  3. Thomas M

    All MPs should be banned from private hospital care so they would have to protect the NHS.

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