7 thoughts on “Sasson Hann on the Vital Help of the Disabled Student’s Grant, Now Under Attack by the Tories

  1. Alistair Ralph Lazenby

    another tory bid to rid this this country of disabled/sick people, makes me think, i strongly believe that cameron, Sacrificed his disabled child to the end ,how could he carry on this policy of systematically killing the Disabled/Sick, with a disabled child in his own home CLAIMING WELFARE.FOR GODS SAKE WAKE UP AND SMELL THE STICKING COFFEE FROM NUMBER 10, IT IS JUST NOT DONE

    1. Mike Sivier

      I don’t agree with that at all.
      Cameron would have claimed DLA for his child until or unless his own laws made that impossible, then he would have carried on without it. His kind aren’t worried about how things look; they just do what they like.

  2. Thomas M

    This government detests disabled people which is why I’m heartily hoping that it gets tossed out in 2015 before it gets around to making me depend totally on my parents.

  3. Alistair Ralph Lazenby

    i totally disagree with you, cameron is a 2 faced scoundrel, i don’t trust him on anything, because of his policy’s people of died, or committed suicide, he has never shown remorse never have never will, he’s a hard man and i for one will not put anything past him, he’s just as likely to step on anyone, family or foe, to get what he wants.Pig arrogance springs to mind.

  4. Joanna

    I might be wrong but to me, Professor Stephen Hawkins is the biggest example, of how intelligent disabled people are! In fact they are more so because they have so much more to overcome, even today when attitudes and opinions, should be much more enlightened!

    In my opinion this coalition is trying to wreak everything, so that it will take more than 5 years term for the next government to put right. They will then have the upper hand, and be elected again fully.
    It would take a brave new government to pull out all the stops to make that timeframe smaller and succeed in treating every citizen as Valuable in their own right!!!

    1. Mike Sivier

      My point about Stephen Hawking was – exactly – that he is a perfect demonstration of how an educated person with disabilities is a benefit to society. He is able to pay his way, he is a net contributor to society, and he is also a credit to society.

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