9 thoughts on “Read Andy Burnham’s letter of complaint to Nigel Farage about smears

  1. R Jim Edge

    He signed it “RT HON ANDY BURNHAM MP” In what parliament does he think he serves certainly not Britain’s Right Honourable and British MP is most definitely an oxymoron in this day and age.

  2. Lloyd Kennedy

    It comes to something being accused of being an investment banker by a Nazi . You couldn’t make this stuff up .

  3. Bryn miller

    Guido Fawkes says he is a millionaire taking into consideration his property portfolio.
    Whilst untrue statements should not be untrue or slanderous,UKIP has had plenty of these. The voting will be completed soon,so all the smear campaigns will be over until 2015.

  4. jaypot2012

    Great one for Burnham.
    As for the fight between Labour and UKIP getting dirtier by the day – how about Labour put a lot of that energy fighting with the coalition?
    As a Labour supporter I have been extremely disappointed by my party and it’s fight, (lack of), against the government for the last 4 years – and am finding myself getting angrier and angrier with their lack of gumption still.

  5. Bring back immediately women's state pension at 60 / Against loss age related tax allowance at 65

    Labour through all these left wing forums shot itself in the foot by njegative campaigning, that has brought more UKIP councillors not less.

    That Labour won with no media coverage of the real socialist parties that would have ended bedroom tax evictions and the hunger caused by sanctions off benefit that also cause suicides and early deaths, is amazing.

    People will now continue to die.

    Will these so-called left wing forums and the trade union movement now give equal billing to the socialist parties and finally realise that Labour is a middle class bourgeoisie party, not the party of the working class.

    The working class is not a self identifier, but about money. At the top at most half the average wage and down to nil food money caused by welfare reform under Austerity, that began under Labour’s rule over 13 years before 2010.

    The Greens gained when they threaten the wellbeing of the old and the poor by green taxes and funding of climate change, when the funds should go to stop sewerage floods and loss of land to coastal erosion.

    The Greens did Austerity and have tried to raise council tax in councils.

    It is amazing that forums sjupport these two parties and do not give socialist parties more exposure to save people’s lives directly.


    TUSC ran in 1 in 7 councils. I seemed to be the one lone voice in any of these blogs.

    You have a choice now. Keep on talking about Labour and The Greens and you will get them in 2015 running the country.

    And people will continue to starve and die.

    I am old, sick, disabled, unable to work, no benefit, no state pension. The last thing I want to suffer is a revolution. Far better to vote in socialists to save socialism, than to see socialism lost altogether through Labour and Greens rule.

    You had a chance to save lives. Now lost.

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