12 thoughts on “DWP CHANGE Criteria To Assessing PIP – They ‘Forgot’ to tell Us!

  1. Edward Melville

    Well after reading this no one will get the new pip….as the government will not record death from direct action from removal of dla…this world going to become smalller

  2. Bill Kruse

    This is all very odd. Entirely unsubstantiated yet very detailed and thought out. It appears considerable effort has gone into this piece, the original, and given that it’s unlikely to be genuine one has to wonder why it exists at all. Will we ever know?

    1. Mike Sivier

      Why do you say it’s unlikely to be genuine? It seems to me that genuine concern is behind it, and a genuine interest in informing the people of what is happening.

      1. Bill Kruse

        I’m not so sure. I’m wondering if it isn’t a set-up, released so when it’s eventually discredited all genuine and pertinent criticisms of the PIP process can be discredited along with it. Something’s not right, I know that.

      2. Bill Kruse

        And when you remember this from just recently http://www.pressgazette.co.uk/content/dept-work-and-pensions-comms-chief-says-accuracy-record-should-see-guardian-blackballed I say again maybe we’re seeing the beginnings of a campaign to discredit Duncan-Smith’s critics. Let’s not forget there’s a nascent multi-billion pound industry here if the welfare state can be destroyed, one from which major players will benefit hugely. Perhaps they’ve grown weary of waiting for Duncan-Smith’s infantile bungling to take effect and what we’re now seeing now is an example of the big boys stepping up.

  3. Paul Hanlon

    This article needs to be taken down. Currently it just contributes to the scaremongering. People are genuinely distressed about this. It’s an unnecessary lie

  4. jeffrey davies

    well its gone our labour mps mm ab ed and ph it should atleast get them asking questions about it jeff3

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