8 thoughts on “Government boosts GDP by adding sex and drugs to economy

  1. Barry Davies

    It’s the eussr commission that says they have to add it to the gdp, so that they can pretend the bloc is in better health than it really is.

  2. PendanticGeek

    If this government can give accurate figures on these businesses it tells me a lot about who is actually controlling them.

  3. Mr.Angry

    If wasn’t so serious it would be funny, you have to laugh the man’s a complete waste of time and space and my taxes go to reward the idiot. It just defies logic and I’ve just heard despite IDS total failure he’s still in the cabinet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell is Camerooon playing at? this is my country he’s messing up.

  4. julietadelaide

    Thanks for your great postings. I get great satisfation in forwarding such pieces on indefensible actions of this bunch of hoodlums to my MPs with suitable comments.A minor pleasure perhaps bit satisfying. Juliet sen Gupta

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