5 thoughts on “The country mansion home the Newark Tory candidate doesn’t want you to see:

  1. Bryn miller

    If he wasn’t living in it who else do you suggest. There is so much envy knocking around these days. Remember Miliband lives in a house worth 2 1/2 million is he for the people?

  2. Chris T

    He certainly likes pushing the point about ‘his father’s family business’ in the Midlands (sort-of near to Newark…possibly….. his mother a secretary (probably seated at the typewriter in the opposite corner of the family office) with young Bobbie Jenrick running back and forth in dusty brown warehouse coat.
    But he keeps his family history otherwise close to his chest if Political Scrapbook is to be believed.
    It’s difficult finding out much about his (doubtless) silver-spoon fed youth. He appears to have expunged much of it. And if this is not the case, ie, that he got to be International Managing Director at Christies by pluck and damn hard work, (pretty good going for one so young) why is he not proud of his entrepreneurial skills? He can only lay claim to having one directorship under his belt, for a company that hasn’t actually done anything except buy one of his London town-houses.
    A background that reeks of rotten fish.

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