6 thoughts on “A Direct Appeal to Ed Miliband

  1. reunion1

    Looks like you love Labour so you must love immigration! That’s why young and old can’t get a job and why the young have no hope to get on the housing ladder – they can’t afford to rent or buy. This no longer feels like my country, I’m angry and sad, don’t enjoy multicultural streets where I’m a minority, it’s time for me to leave.

    1. Mike Sivier

      That’s an association fallacy.
      You are trying to link Labour, immigration and myself with no evidence to support the claim.
      Also there is no evidence that immigration – as a concept – is wrong in any way.
      In fact, as readers of this blog know very well, I oppose free movement into the UK as it encourages economic opportunism among residents of countries will less well-performing economies.
      The answer is to restrict free movement so that it takes place between countries with equivalent economies – not to halt immigration altogether.

  2. amnesiaclinic

    No, this has been the big myth everyone has been sold about immigration and people have so bought into it. Typical British empire divide and rule still at it through the elite politicians. A different story when we were desperate for doctors and nurses in the NHS when it was still functional and expanding in the 1950’s. Immigrants on the whole work very hard, take poor jobs and more than repay in taxes what they take in benefits when they first come.
    We have far more serious problems to focus on rather than the sad send the immigrants home rhetoric.

  3. chrischazChris Griffiths

    Yes….and another poverty porn propaganda documentary coming soon on channel 5….just to turn the whole nation against poor, disabled, jobseekers etc….I bet they don’t portray ordinary folk it will just be those scamming the system….let’s blame another minority group for the downfall of this country eh?….life on the dole channel 5….will be the same as ‘benefit street’…and illegal immigrants and proud….the real culprits are the city bankers….big corporations…stupid quango’s….mp’s expenses….and wasting money giving to foreign aid so the leader of Africa can build himself a palatial dwelling with half of it!….dear oh dear….it makes my blood boil….money wasted on arms….weapons….God knows what….instead of going where it is needed…health service…house building…etc etc….no common sense!….but it is deliberate in my opinion….social cleansing!….they think we are stupid….

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