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3 Thoughts to “Britain First and EDL attend Farage and UKIP campaign rally at Winter Gardens, Margate.”

  1. Never heard of BF before reading this – what a bunch of plonkers.
    Do they ever look at pictures of themselves? along with the pictures of EDL and other far right groups?
    They are all the type of people that only a mother could love – with a lot of effort!

  2. Why is it that extreme left wingers think that UKIP is a right wing party and lumps it in with EDL and BF, the fact that these plonkers were outside not in the hall should give you a clue, like the great unwashed demonstrators from the socialist workers party turn up to demonstrate as well. It’s time that people realised that UKIPmembers are not all ex tories, about 30% but also ex labour and very much ex lib dim’s.

    1. UKIP IS a right-wing party – you just have to look at those of its policies that it allows people to see to know that.
      Your comments about EUSSR (fascist term for the EU) and “the great unwashed demonstrators from the Socialist Workers Party” give the game away quite well, too.

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