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7 Thoughts to “Plot to take over UK schools by followers of hard-line fundamentalist Michael Gove”

  1. right under the governments nose, what has been said about the muslims taking over is true they are and they will, cameron & co also Labour allowed this to happen, they should be hung for treason.

    1. Actually, I disagree.
      Mistakes were made that allowed this to happen but they need to be rectified, that’s all.

  2. Bryn miller

    There is a muslim girls school in leicester and when the school day ends the pupils emerge wearing full black burkas,what a sight to behold.

    1. So what are you saying, Bryn? That they should deny their religion to satisfy your aesthetic tastes? That they should leave Britain because of their fashion choices?

  3. Bryn Miller, Beware Bryn you are on “shakey ground”. You mentioned the M word, as in Muslim. “This is VP and to the left of the Looney Left”. We all know what you are saying but you seem to be on the wrong Blog site. This site is reserved for Muslim arselicker’s and the importation of any wayward Illegal who’s able to get here. G.

    1. This is Vox Political, the voice of sense in a land of lunatic right-wingers, more like.
      It’s very simple. Any attempt to stir up strong feelings against another person based solely on their race or religion is discouraged here, as indeed it is discouraged by UK law.
      If you want to attack Muslims, Geoff, emigrate somewhere else and do it. I understand there are lots of them in the Middle East.

  4. Mark Parry

    I really just wish Michael Gove would push off. Possibly into the vast furthest outer parts of Space. Either that or he should be struck down with a lightening bolt. A bolt that would make him vanish into thin air. Michael Gove is a load of fart gas.

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