4 thoughts on “Boris Johnson calls for doorways to be made more comfortable for homeless

  1. Niki

    I don’t much like Toms satire pieces, though sometimes they are wonderfully close to the bone….

  2. foodbankhelper

    Will London need all its doorways within about two years? The increase in the bank base rate once it comes will make life very difficult indeed for homeowners in many areas of the capital.http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/interest-rates/10842278/Borrowers-risk-unaffordable-payments-when-rates-rise-warns-think-tank.html

    The Resolution Foundation says borrowers in London are most exposed, with 35% of mortgages ‘highly geared’. There’s nowhere for people who lose their homes to go in London, as anyone on an average income won’t be able to afford the sky-high rents here. There’s no affordable housing. I’m told that one central London borough is currently clearing families out of London at the rate of 700-800 a month. I’ll be checking this figure out to confirm. I guess if banks repossess then the families affected will just have to form a new queue to leave.

    Maybe there are some crofts available in Scotland?

    This unfolding disaster is going to ruin lives for generations. I’ve just heard of a small family (one daughter of 11) who spent a week recently living in a London park. They used the nearby hospital as a place to get washed and watch TV. A kindly soul has now offered them an empty flat. I’m told the mother’s health has suffered terribly because of their homelessness.

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