6 thoughts on “From tomorrow there will be no paramedics in some ambulances for 999 calls

  1. julie

    This has been happening for a long time now, most ambulance crews are not fully trained at all and the paramedics are in rapid response cars, I had this conversation with a patient transport driver who took me to a hospital appointment last week and he said you are the only person I have spoken to who actually knows this, personally I thought it was common knowledge, this is why rapid response cars turn up to certain 999 calls

    1. Mike Sivier

      This is interesting to me because, here in much-maligned Mid Wales, the ambulance crew that attended Mrs Mike’s Mum were fully-equipped and capable of providing first aid on the spot, meaning there was no need to take her to hospital.

  2. Graham Cordwell

    This is not rocket science. If a crime takes place in the UK today you expect the first responder to be a community support officer (PCSO), if anyone attends at all. Convicted criminals are now “guarded” and ferried about by private security companies and we are surprised when prisoners abscond. If this is a pilot scheme for the rest of the UK the deaths will mount quickly. This modern Britain – understaffed, underpayed, underqualified and ripe for privatisation. Reminds me of “A Clockwork Orange”, it’s cheaper and more efficient to let the criminals take over as they are motivated, well qualified, aren’t worried about pay and enjoy the fringe benefits – mayhem, death and self-employed. The career ladder is simple as well!

    1. Mike Sivier

      If a crime is committed today I expect a police officer to attend the scene, not a PCSO; also I am never surprised when a convicted criminal absconds while being guarded by someone from a private security firm.
      (I’m guessing you were implying that these should be the case but I wanted to make it clear.)

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