Why is the Government Arguing for British Values?

Why do you support anyone’s argument? It’s because you agree with what they’re saying and the thinking behind it – right? A lot of modern politics is about getting you to agree with what they’re saying, without considering whether any of their thinking actually tallies with their claims. Look at this article – Jayne is saying that David Cameron is pushing on us the exact opposite of the values he claims to exalt. She’s right; he’s a liar and the public will be fools to believe a word he says.

6 thoughts on “Why is the Government Arguing for British Values?

  1. Nick

    what British values ?
    i have lived in London and the south of England for the past 60 years and I’ve never met any English person in these areas with any type of value that would say was good or anywhere near it

    i have travelled to many parts of the world and every country i have visited has been far greater in offering true hospitality to me and my family especially Egypt and Tunisia / Sudan

    Barbados and Jamaica also very good overall also the Maldives Africa also very good in offering true hospitality

    i have no idea being from the establishment myself to what David Cameron is alluring to when he says British values

    if i go to London and even ask for the time i get a blank if i ask for a direction that also draws a blank from a white person so he needs to be more specific on what he’s trying to get at when he’s talking about British values

    Scotland and Wales along with Ireland fair much better when it comes to values then England

      1. Nick

        thanks mike i did of course mean “alluding”.just the mention of the conservatives causes my brain to fail

        all I’ve ever met in the uk in my life are the likes of David Cameron and that’s about it
        all you’ll get from him and his type is keep your distance and the front door shut in your face and in a nutshell that’s about it

  2. Joanna

    Eeeewww!!! Yuk!! Take it easy Mike I already have enough trouble eating!! that idea just fair turns my stomach!!! Lol

    Er…… No!!!

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