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9 Thoughts to “Caught out: DWP ministers who claimed a million sickness benefit claimants had been found ‘fit for work’ – kept real data from public view”

  1. jim ross

    thats shockin bunch of b——s!

  2. Mark Parry

    We all should know by now. They are always exaggerating figures. The British government and DWP are all working hand in hand. We are all living in a country so ruled by a fascist-dictatorship-state. This is of course The Bloated EU and their demanding puppets. But leaving The EU would also spell disaster for our human rights too. Somehow the politicians have got us all over a barrel. Where do we all go from here now?

    1. Joanna

      There lies the irony, because, if I understand correctly, wasn’t it the UK who played a large part in drawing up the Human rights act? Also aren’t there some rights that they would be unable to get rid of, in or out of the EU?

      1. The UK played a large part in setting up the European Court of Human Rights. The UN and EU created frameworks of human rights legislation that were ignored by successive Conservative governments, then when (New) Labour came along in 1997 the Human Rights Act was brought in, so it would be more accurate to say that the international organisations played a large part in the drafting of what became the British law.

      2. The UK needs a ‘constitution’ that can never be altered or changed by idiot politicians either on a whim, political dogma or as a cost cutting exercise. It must be protected in law and be the foundation stone of our society. It should not be written by politicians, bankers, Tory Party Donors, or overseas investors or any not born in the UK. Those eligible to be involved in writing such a ‘constitution’ must prove themselves to be ordinary working class citizens, with the good of UK and its peoples, at heart.

      3. Mark Parry

        Well said John Shaw.

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