7 thoughts on “The two surprising NHS surveys the government hopes you don’t see

  1. CuttySarc

    Thanks for posting this. It is excellent ammunition against the naysayers and the privateers. However, since there is no such thing as a UK NHS – but four separate bodies (NHS Scotland has been independent since Day One, 1948) – I wonder what is actually referred to: the NHS in England? Or does the chart really combine data from across the four UK bodies? (Which seems unlikely.)

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  3. Steve Hook

    Care to compare survivability rates for chronic illnesses? The UK is way down on that list. Cancer survivability, for example, is much much higher in the US than it is in the UK. Fear not though my British cousins, Obama has done his level best to help even those odds up by destroying our healthcare with his Statist government-centric takeover of everyone’s healthcare. When the government controls your healthcare they control you! No thank you very much!

  4. Mark

    Indeed. Considering the Left/Labour/BBC axis consider the NHS dead dead dead in the hands of the evil toreez – it would appear to not be so, and with a splash of irony it would seem the poster doesn’t exactly grasp that concept either. If I’m wrong then maybe he should ask why the BBC isn’t exactly shouting this from the rafters, after all Saint Danny had dancing Nurses but no dancing dead at the olympics and that was sooo wonderful and glorious sayeth the media arm of the Labour Party

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