12 thoughts on “Harassment of the poor & disabled, on benefits, treated like criminals

  1. Joanna

    They can take a running jump out of my 9th floor window!!!!
    I don’t answer the door to anyone unless they make an appointment with me!! Which will Never happen!!! Is there no longer any right to privacy anymore?

  2. Joanna

    Also Mike, wouldn’t the documents they are demanding to see, come under the Data Protection Act? if you are chosen randomly then they wouldn’t have anything with them, only what you show them.
    I don’t care if they have a truck load of their own ID, they are a stranger to me, and they will not get in without a warrant!! I don’t know if I am right?

  3. Bill Kruse

    I understand under EU law benefits are possessions and you’re entitled to peaceful enjoyment of your possessions. Knowing your name can be randomly pulled out of a hat and demanding to see your papers doesn’t exactly amount to peaceful enjoyment in my book. Do you remember Gwynhefaer (sp?) who used to comment here? She’s written on this subject, ages ago.

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  5. Petra

    I never answer the door,unless I’ve received a phone call or email,stating when and what time. This even applies to my Family. I need time to psych myself up otherwise it’s panic attack hell. I’m getting more and more paranoid by the day,when will this hell cease? x

  6. MrChekaMan

    If they did this to people because they were black, Jewish or female there would be an outcry. I didn’t ask to have the only people who want to employ me being job scammers.

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  8. Joanna

    Mike sorry to be off topic, but have you heard of a not-for-profit organisation called inspire? I have been referred to them by my local council, and I have just found out that are partnered with Jobcentre plus. I want nothing to do with it, not when it involves the dwp! Two questions? how can I easily get out of this, secondly can I get out of this on the grounds that I am on ESA support group? I don’t have confidence at all, I barely leave my flat because the world feels dangerous to me.

    1. Mike Sivier

      I’ve never heard of this organisation.
      I suppose the easiest way would be on medical grounds – that you are extremely nervous and suspicious of strangers and your condition means you naturally believe the worst of them.

      1. Joanna

        Thank you! I am sorry to have asked a question that seems to have an obvious answer, but as soon as I saw “partnered with JCP I got chills down my spine and had a panic attack, they sometimes happen because I don’t think logically.
        I already assist teaching voluntary, but I feel incredibly safe where I am and the people there seem to like me and it is only 4 hours a week.

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