3 thoughts on “Calling bullshit on Labour’s “fiscal realism”

  1. Methusalada

    Hi Mike, I think you now understand why 65% of voters are attempting to enrapture themselves in a golden fleece of fiscal realism. When their is no hope for millions of people who are up to their necks of bovine excreta it’s the smell & taste they resist swallowing.

  2. Robert Price

    Hi Mike,
    I keep being amazed to read that there isn’t any money, after so many cuts have been made, especially to the NHS. So where have all these savings gone? HS2 the EU?

    The real shame is that Labour have seriously lost their reason for being by no longer representing the people who used to support them. Little wonder then that at the last general election 34.2% of the electorate did not vote, since no party existed that actually represented them!

    1. Mike Sivier

      There’s more money around now than there was before the financial crisis. The simple fact is that it has gone into the bank accounts of the rich and powerful, rather than into lubricating the economy.

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