11 thoughts on “Austerity Protest in London (June 21st 2014)

    1. Mike Sivier

      Maybe not, but they do demonstrate the depth of feeling about an issue – and show people at home, who may have the same feelings, that they are not alone. That can help swing votes when democracy comes into play.

      1. Tony Dean

        Thus far unless I have missed it there has be no reporting on British news, there has been on RT.

      2. Jim Round

        Oh look, there’s lots of people with banners shouting things and causing disruption, no-one told me about this.
        It didn’t appear on national news.
        What’s the point they never stopped the Iraq war (as stated above)
        Flaming Pinko’s.

    2. Jim Round

      Unfortunately Mike, people had different attitudes then, most people now have gone soft thanks to modern comforts.
      You know my thoughts from previous comments on VP, I despise party politics and see no way forward until somebody somewhere takes a close and meaningful look at how corrupt the system is from top to bottom.
      Blogs like this are a fine effort but they are a grain of sand in the desolate desert.
      My above comment was a sarcastic snapshot of what I hear people saying about things like this up and down the country, until they wake from their stupor, turn off the TV and throw away the Daily Mail, I see little hope.

      1. Pat

        You’ll have to excuse my ignorance but as a newbie here but I feel bound to ask what you are doing to pressurise the Corporate Conservative Counties of Britain because I imagine, given your comment, that it must be a great deal more effective than demonstrations and I want to do it to! 🙂

        At the moment the only possibilities I’ve discovered as a Brit in Exile is write letters to MP’s and sign petitions so I’m an ardent “clicktevist” and “scribitivist” but were I in Britain I would be demonstrating, as I have before, because as Mike rightly points out it, at the very least, lets all the people at stuck at home who feel the same know they aren’t alone and who knows it might even shake a couple of slackers of their rickety fences!

        Errrr… I imagine this is probably why the Beeb Backs Cameron didn’t report it.

  1. MrChekaMan

    Demonstrations are never reported on the news now unless they turn into riots. I’m surprised the police didn’t kettle the demonstrators until they kicked off and then spray them with water cannons.

  2. Darious

    Why UK? do you have also problems? why do you take Africans as if they are dull people always yet you are failing to pre-control your own challenges. If more than 50,0000 having one word in mind and reach the demonstration point meaning that it is a serious issue that needs quick response. work up please.

    Had it been it is happening in africa, news could be all over world medias and many white headed people could spoke wise statement as if they are so intelligent.

    We are all people, we all breathe the same air, we all face challenges, we all die, do not pretend to be as high as God. shame!

    1. Mike Sivier

      I’m not sure I understand the comment entirely but I’m approving it as it demonstrates the opinions formed in other parts of the world about the demonstration and the fiasco of the BBC’s failure to report it.

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