12 thoughts on “Labour to drive stake into heart of DWPs failing monster projects if it wins election?

  1. Nick

    I’ll believe it when i see it. labour have yet to win the general election and that will never be easy with ed at the helm

    1. Mike Sivier

      I saw a comment earlier today which pointed out that the Tories must see him as a threat – because you only ever attack the person you see as the greatest threat at any particular time.

      1. Nick

        ed is a very close clone to David Cameron mike especially on the thought process which in reality won’t change as you are what you are at his age

        If he were 18 then yes, you could change the way a person’s thinks to some degree but at ed’s age that would be a very difficult thing to undertake

        it would be far better that labour had someone who doesn’t need any moulding but instinctively knows what is right and wrong and what is fair and decent

        Yes it’s very I know it’s very simple but regretfully those in power and the mp’s that make up parliament have always struggled in this area of thought

        It doesn’t matter to much as their well-paid with knighthoods for many after they leave hence when a mp or minister they just go along for the jolly ride knowing full well that on retirement there’ll have a good pension or another city job to go to

        As they say talk’s cheap but in the case of mp’s it’s a good lifestyle talking rubbish every day getting nowhere other than making a mess for the weakest in society

      2. Mike Sivier

        I don’t understand why you’re talking about changing the way a person thinks. The Tories think Ed Miliband is a threat to them, hence the huge efforts to undermine him. Sadly, the Blairite/Progress axis in the Labour Party think he’s a threat to them, and are also making huge efforts to undermine him (according to Michael Meacher). This is why we’re getting all these mixed signals about him. The Tories are claiming he’s practically a Communist, but he’s being forced to keep adopting policies that are practically Conservative, just to keep the Blairites on-side (at least until the general election).
        I would prefer him to be strong enough in his leadership to purge the party of these dangerous destabilising right-wingers and forge his own direction, in line with the will of the party membership at large.

      3. Nick

        ed can’t do that who are the right wingers in the labour party ? ed is a right winger at heart and yes he maybe a threat to David Cameron two wrongs don’t make a right

        The country does not need any right-wingers apart from the England squad

        all the uk’s needing is a balanced person who on a world stage has the ability to drive home the message of balance and fairness and point to it and to outline what it means and then to act on it and cut out all of the red tape whilst at it and above all have the ability for plain speaking

  2. George Berger

    Very noncommittal claim. First, it is a subjunctive conditional, starting with “if”. Second, a “pause”, and then what? Third, note that the “pause” claim is logically independent from the phrase from”beginning” till the end. The whole sentence literally has no truth value–neither true nor false–thanks to these faults. This shows one technique politicians use, when they want a listener to think they are saying something definite, whilst they in fact are stating nothing.

  3. bookmanwales

    Labour have definitely set their cap at winning the middle class vote and the support of big business. They are unlikely to say anything that may rock the boat whether it be scrapping UC or ending sanctions against the unemployed.
    My view is that David Blunkett is correct and Labour will spend some years in the wilderness as they have no cohesive plan, or at least not one they are telling us about. A mish mash of we will or won’t scrap this or may “pause” this or “rethink” that but nothing concrete with figures to back them up.

    For an opposition party with hopes of winning the next election they are silent on a great many subjects, US / EU trade agreement, immigration, Workfare, unemployment (apart from youth jobs guarantee) the NHS, Free schools, taxes, etc etc.

    I cannot see where you get the idea Camoron (del spelling) is “worried” about Ed Milliband, from what I see and hear it is Labour supporters who are more worried about his chances in an election and his lack of leadership and oratory skills.

    Putting Liam Byrnes “we’ll be harder than the Tories” catchphrase into the mix and Labour are heading down a one way street to oblivion, not necessarily at the hands of the Tories but certainly from a possible Tory / UKIP coalition

    Labour and the unions at each others throats, Unions threatening to stand candidates against Labour. The Greens, UKIP, even the Monster Raving Loony Party are now looking to steal votes from Labour such is their current denial of anything the Labour party ever stood for.

    Dark days ahead, whether Labour or the Tories win it will be business as usual at the top and god help the poor souls unlucky enough to be at the sharp end of even more austerity.

    1. Mike Sivier

      I don’t agree with a lot of this – certainly the unions around here aren’t at the Labour Party’s throat, and I find it hard to understand why you would want to resurrect anything Byrne said.
      It seems to me that the anti-Miliband campaigners – both inside and outside the Labour Party – have done a good job on you.

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  5. Methusalada

    This unelected coalition Government are all liars & cheats to their own people .
    The Guardian , George Galloway MP & Annie Machon are all tellers of the Truth in regard to US & UK secret services being the real killers in the Middle East. Tony Blair & Darth Vader & Ed Balls are the main UK culprits in this corruption of liars ,cheats & murderers by seeking to take over the Labour Party again to keep their dirty washing secret & suppressed. Ed Miliband is just being used as a temporary puppet knowing he can do nothing to redeem his situation as his own brother was party to the affair.
    Now Mike, I have I never told or printed this before , so now you know what the basic truth on the UK’s demise has been for the past 10 years was all about & is sanctioned and agreed by this current Government . What a crock of crap is about to become divulged as factual truth.
    Sleep Well Mike ! Join Plaid Cymru it’s good for your health !

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