19 thoughts on “Racism. Uncontrolled, mass racism.

  1. Dave Barnshaw

    Can you wonder why folk are becoming racists when yo have the threat of these islamiv bastards to blow everyone to kingdom come?

    1. Mike Sivier

      How much of a threat is that, really? We have the Daily Mail and the Daily Express (and the like) to play on our fears every so often, but what’s the real threat?

    1. jaypot2012

      I totally agree – I was a young child when he made the speech – I know I heard it on the radio – and even at that tender age I believed what he said and it’s all come true. That is not racism, that’s fact. When you can’t enter parts of your own country because it has become “our area” and told what we can and can’t do around towns and cities, then that is when the true racism begins – against the indigenous people of this country.

      1. delboy109

        I agree with what he said as well & know one will tell me anything different the streets will run red it as already happened look what happened to one of our Brave soldiers god bless him & may he rest in peace & the scum that did that wants to appeal & you watch some idiot will say entitled to it he wants a slow death for what they did to our Hero RIP Lee.

      2. Mike Sivier

        Be careful not to elevate Drummer Rigby beyond his position. He was a soldier who served in several foreign countries before coming home to be a recruiter and to work in the Tower of London, but that doesn’t make him “Our Hero”. He was a victim of a brutal and meaningless attack that was carried out by a pair of – for want of a better word – idiots. And you know what? That’s enough. We don’t have to put him on a pedestal and try to turn him into something more than he was. By murdering him, these people did nothing for their cause and a great deal against it.

      3. delboy109

        Drummer Rigby will always be the peoples HERO of our his country how dare you say any different have you ever been in the forces & gone through what our Heros have been through you disgust me in what you have said Drummer Rigby will always be the peoples HERO of our & his country you tell & explain to his family & his son when he’s older what you are saying about him now sounds like & may be you are a Jihadist you have sickened me in what you have said I cannot & will not talk to any one like you again.

      4. Mike Sivier

        Maybe I’m wrong, but I have a feeling the family of Drummer Rigby would rather his name was not used as a rallying cry by people with racial/sectarian agendas of their own. Violence begets violence, it seems, but I can’t see any difference between what happened to him and what people who invoke his name would like to see done to anybody – anybody at all – belonging to the same nationality or religion as the people who murdered him (or, sadly, any country in the same region).
        I can’t be a jihadist – firstly I follow a different religion and secondly I prefer peaceful solutions.
        I’ll leave it up to Vox Political readers to decide what you may be.

  2. delboy109

    Hi every one, I would like to say how I feel about these Islamist scum who are going out there to join these killers & that’s what it is how can we as English allow & put up with this terrible behaviour with them butchering innocent people women & children & then after they have had enough come back here & put our lives at risk because of this scum. How can you go out there & butcher as many people as they can & expect to come back here to a civilised country with know hatred inside you they are EVIL no other word for it. You cannot tell me that their parents don’t know what they are up to that’s ridiculous to say the least this is scum we are now talking about who believe in a better life after words how can that be & why should we have to put up with this horrid behaviour from these brain dead idiots. The Government has a lot to answer to for letting this go on & on but it’s us as people who put them into power so they can put our lives in danger nothing will ever be learnt by these idiots until we as a civilised people stand united together & say no more. they say now that one thousand of this scum has left our country to go & butcher innocent people women & children so think about it our Government is to blame for the innocent ones how shocking is that when they tell us to be civilised a a lot of those will come back here undetected because the stupid government wont want to be seen as racist how bad is that one of that scum who went out their told his parents that he was going to study medicine in Shrewsbury that is just 12 miles from where I live so you don’t know now just were they are being radicalised to do these horrible atrocities their is only one way to deal with scum like this that’s either send them back or try them for treason ounce they kill once they will kill again & again because they are brain dead we I mean the government gave them a home here in our country so if that’s not good enough they must send them back because they don’t behave like normal people they are EVIL SCUM that will stop at nothing until they turn the world into an Islamist world tell me would you like to live in a world which is Islamist run I would prefer to be dead first thank you all if you have read all this but that’s the way it is.

    1. Mike Sivier

      What’s your opinion of Muslims who want to live here peacefully, then?
      How do you know these radicalised lunatics who are going over to Syria are all immigrants? There are plenty of native converts to Islam, you know.
      I’m not saying you’re wrong to be angry about the people who have gone and the fact that they were radicalised here in the UK – I think that’s appalling and I hope anyone reading this would feel the same way. I just don’t want anyone to end up aiming retaliatory hatred at people who don’t deserve it.

      1. delboy109

        Do you ever see these people mix with our people of our country no you don’t why is that because they don’t want to I wonder if you would look at it in a different light hope not but just say one of these scum bags come back here & blows or butcher one of your family members up weather you would still look at it the same way it’s not happened to you yet hope to god it dosent you cannot tell me that if nothing changes in this country & soon we will all suffer the consequences of these scum & if you cannot see that god help you & people like you for being so ignorant of the fact, you cannot & will not get through to these scum bags & wouldn’t you want to know were your child was if they left the country for months & may be years knowing that they are going to these country’s in which radicalises them don’t be stupid you would want to know where they were if they was your sons. sounds to me that you don’t like other peoples opinions so why are you on here you just want people to listen to you that’s what you call ignorant of the fact then it’s to late.

      2. Mike Sivier

        Which people are we discussing here? Immigrant Muslims? If so, I don’t know because I’ve never interrogated any of the Muslims I know to find out their backgrounds.
        Actually, I did know an immigrant Muslim once, and he mixed in quite happily, thank you very much.
        If one of the “scumbags” came back here and harmed members of my family, I would direct my anger at those responsible and at nobody else. You should not blame every follower of a religion for the actions of a minority of fanatics.
        The fact is, I am in far more danger of coming to harm at the hands of my own government than I am at the hands of a radicalised Muslim who has travelled from here to Syria and then come back to cause bloody revolution in the Balls Pond Road (or wherever). It seems to me that they stand a far higher chance of getting killed on foreign soil by an opposing fighter who knows far more about killing than they do.
        Regarding my views on other people’s opinions, they depend on what those opinions are. At the moment, you are coming over as hysterically sectarian, meaning I’m not likely to be sympathetic.

    2. delboy109

      as I said people like you who think they are alright have know idea or just don’t want to see it the Pakistan community have lived here for years now & they still don’t like us does that not tell you they don’t or cant get on with us for god sake see the light. it’s in them to kill you if your not like them get to grips man.

      1. Mike Sivier

        I rented a flat from a Pakistani family for a few months, back in 1990, and they were very friendly and accommodating.
        Suggesting that an entire ethnic community would kill me is racist, in my book. Your words mark you out as part of the problem.
        I haven’t lost my grip on anything.

  3. Johannah Buchan

    Dave Barnshaw & Jaypot. I’m of Pictish & Celtic ancestry. We were here long before you Anglos. How would you like it if I told you to eff off back to Jutland & Saxony where you came from.

    1. Mike Sivier

      That’s the problem with the race issue, isn’t it? People can’t see beyond colour of skin or place of birth. Those things have little to do with a person’s actions and it is wrong to want to attack another person because they are different from you in those aspects. The people who want to attack you because you are racially or culturally different from them are individuals who have made a conscious choice to do this that has nothing to do with the colour of their skin or any accident of geography.

  4. Thomas M

    My thoughts on Muslims…

    First, the Good. Most Muslims would no more do terrorism then you or me. I admire
    -the way they bury their dead instead of cremating them.
    -their alcohol ban-alcohol has caused so much trouble in the world.
    -the way Islam sticks up for itself.
    -zakat charity for the poor.
    -all the Muslims who want to enjoy their lives much like we do.

    Then, the Bad. Much like 1% or less of bikers belong to rather nasty gangs, 1% or less of Muslims belong to some pretty nasty groups. Most of said groups are in places like Syria, but maybe anything from 20 to 200 Muslim terrorists are over here. When Muslims are good, they are very very good, but when they are bad they are horrid, with beheadings, suicide bombings,ect.

    Last, the Ugly. A lot of male Muslims don’t treat their women well, by our standards, be it beating them, making them wear burkas ect.

  5. david pearce

    I am saddened that our country is showing so much hostility and HATE and espouse views filled with bile at people they don’t know and will NEVER make an effort to try and know because they already hate them. Some are even suggesting treating entire communities with vicious vile acts of violence – using as an excuse that a few in that community have done the same. Jimmy Saville, Myra Hindley,, Peter Sutcliff were all white, that does not make all white people as evil sociopaths. the 7/7 attacks were just down the road from me. I knew people injured. It didn’t make me hate all Muslims just the tw**s.
    As far as I know I am a mix of Welsh/French/Russian/Romany/Jew – where do I have to go? I am a bit confused as I don’t want to be deported to the wrong country.

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