13 thoughts on “Pick your window Iain … you’re leaving!

  1. Bill Kruse

    I don’t think this is right at all. The goverment is basing its claims of coming out of recession largely around Duncan-Smith’s fiddled figures. They don’t want to have him exposed for the liar he is now as it brings their lies out into the open too. He’s gone from being a political iability they wanted to dump to being an asset they want to protect.

  2. Nick

    Many sick and disabled people have died in going through welfare reform and it is on that basis alone that IDS should quit and fast in order to save further lives

    My advice to him would be to go now as the welfare reform has much death attached to it you do not want to go down in history as one of the most evillest people of our time

  3. keltyk

    The Tories do what they like, nothing sticks to them, nobody can do a thing; so they do not care about consequences for non-rich people. Their aim is to create the statistics they want at any cost, and get the BBC etc to ignore the ‘bad’ statistics (death, foodbanks, homelessness). They want the NHS destroyed, and as many public services privatised as possible and to be smelling of roses by controlling the media, by the next election.

  4. Robert Cheshire

    Talk about the enemy within! I haven’t done the final calculations as Duncan Smith is not yet finished; But could it be that as head of his governmental department, he is responsible for all those early deaths (above “normal” statistics) of the sick or disabled; and that total exceeds all British deaths from the last 2 or 3 modern wars? Something to think about when rating an enemy of the people…When rating a real terrorist.

    1. Mike Sivier

      When the number of ESA deaths was averaging 73 a week, they topped the total number of deaths if Afghanistan since 2002 – every six weeks.

  5. Jeffrey Davies

    one wonders but like that whots written in his summer of 41 75or76 thousand deaths by the Nazis one wonders is he going for this figure has he wrecks his havoc to those who least afford his targeting of jeff3

  6. Stephen Bee

    I pray his window to leave by..is atop The Shard…and that some wag with an axe to grind..sabotages any parachute!

  7. marcusdemowbray

    Iain Duncan-Smith has created VAST bureaucracies, labyrinthine regulations and forms. Much of the welfare money has gone to running the swollen bureaucracy rather than to those that need it, and it is mostly Foreign-owned IT companies who handle the ridiculous ID-S schemes.
    The reforms are designed to harass, penalise, even criminalise disabled people. ID-S’s reforms have thrown the Courts into total chaos, confirm by the outgoing Senior judge last week.
    ID-S’s Dream Schemes have made thousands homeless, driven thousands more to food banks and have killed and damaged thousands more.
    ID-S is a man seriously lacking in empathy for the opinions and/or welfare of other people. His behaviour indicates delusion or emotional/mental problems somewhere on the line between Asperger’s, Autism, Sociopathy and Psychopathy.

    He is NOT FIT FOR WORK!.

  8. Richard Thomas

    it’s interesting to note that the two most incompetent Cabinet Ministers, poor old Duncan-Smith and Chris Grayling seem to combine dishonesty in their offices with a high degree of personal unpleasantness particularly when challenged.

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