4 thoughts on “Iain Duncan Smith and the Monsters of Folklore

    1. Mike Sivier

      “When there are disability benefits which need cutting, every pound counts. When it’s the secretary of state who needs saving, the government’s wallet bursts at the seams.”
      How true.
      Read and enjoy, everyone!

  1. marcusdemowbray

    My disabled girlfriend (classed as 4 points by Atos at WCA, but 24 points by the Appeal Tribunal!) applied for PIP NINE MONTHS ago, using the 50 page form dreamed up by the diseased mind of our old friend ID-S, but until today had no reply.

    Today she finally received a letter from Atos saying she has to visit their offices in Ilford, Essex. She lives in Kent, so this would be an 80 mile round trip, plus Toll at Dartford crossing. She said she cannot drive or use public transport, so they have given details of which trains and buses she should use! The nearest bus stop to Atos, Ilford is 250 meters from the office, so anyone arriving by bus would be immediately “proven” to be fully fit for work. She had her vicious, incompetent and fraudulent WCA in Atos’s office in the Medway Towns, but they have decided to handle her PIP application at Ilford. Is there no end to their ability to find new ways of harassing Disabled people?

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